Empowering words from the wise

Gail MortimerOne women has brought together a sisterhood of life and business experience, Writes ABBEY KING.

After experiencing a serious lack of female-friendly advice in local business.

Gail Mortimer decided to assemble an army of industry-leading Geelong women to write the… Continue reading

The Wisdom of Women

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.47.38 pm

Spring saw the release of the 13 Wise Women book, a collaboration of thirteen local women who have opened up their lives and their thoughts, sharing their knowledge and experience, in the hope of creating positive change for other women.… Continue reading

13 Geelong Women Creating Opportunities

Blog 1 - image Social Pages VIPWe often dream about making changes to our lives or creating something that’s bigger than ourselves, but not everyone takes the next step to make it happen.

13 women in Geelong have not only done just that but have documented… Continue reading