Empowering words from the wise

Gail MortimerOne women has brought together a sisterhood of life and business experience, Writes ABBEY KING.

After experiencing a serious lack of female-friendly advice in local business.

Gail Mortimer decided to assemble an army of industry-leading Geelong women to write the book 13 Wise Women. Originally from South Africa, Gail has been in town since immigrating to the country on Australia Day in 2002.

“In south Africa I used to run workshops both locally and internationally, empowering and inspiriting women, body, mind and soul – this has been my passion for many years,” says Gail, who runs the Golden Health and Wellness Network with her daughter Katelyn.

“Starting and running a business can be a very lonely and isolation venture and after arriving in Geelong and looking for networks and groups to join, I realised that there really wasn’t a great deal of support for someone new to business or relocating to town.”

It was this experience that helped give Gail the idea to put together a book. She decided the book would feature 13 writers each contributing a chapter, with the number 13 being no coincidence for the metaphysician.

“Thirteen has always had a special meaning. It is a controversial number having positive and negative meanings, leaving us with a choice to make about how we interpret this number and use it in our lives,” says the 55-year-old.

“I choose to focus on the empowering interpretation of this number.”

With her idea mapped out and mission statement in hand, Gail invited a few female business owners from the community to have a cup of coffee and listen to her vision.

“I believed they would ‘get it’ as I had heard their stories, seen how they ran their own businesses and observed the work they were doing in their communities,” Gail explains.

“We are women empowering women, supporting, inspiring and encouraging them, on a personal and business level, to make it happen.”

Other contributors in the book include Michelle Winkle, Fiona Skene, Mandy Lovett, Mary Petherick, Belinda Lyle, Janina Lear, Liz Grant, Sharon Hill, Lisa Emanuel, Laura Potter, Lara Walsh, and Shayne Sullivan, Gail is pleased with how everyone came together.

‘All the authors are involved in ‘giving back’ to their community in some way,” she says.

“They offer their personal and practical advice on how they got through the challenge of getting their business up and running. They share their own personal and business stories, encouraging and inspiring you to realise you are not alone and it can be done.”

Gail says this book is a good rad for anyone looking to be inspired, encouraged and motivated to living their dream.”

“If you’re looking for your ‘why’, you will be able to read about how we authors found ours.”

“Anyone looking to know how to survive the challenges you face as a business owner, we share our stories with you and how we did it.”

As for what is next for the 13 Wise women, Gail says a few will continue to be involved at different levels with the project. For some it was just a chapter in their lives and for others it was the first chapter of their very own books.

“We will continue to grow and nurture 13 Wise Women, to empower more women who would like to share their stories,” Gail says.

Article from GT Lifestyle.

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